Support Startups / MSME / Industries

“To Experience”

Engineering Research and Development (E R&D)

Opportunity to create Digital Prototypes of the Products, Work on Projects, Design & Development activities, Skilling in Specific Areas


Technology (Digital Lab)

a)    Structures (Metallic, Sheet Metal and composites)

b)    Aerodynamics

c)    Various Mechanical systems,

d)    Avionics & Electrical Systems

e)    Systems Engineering, etc.,


a)    Product Design

b)    Simulation and Analysis

c)    Digital Manufacturing

d) Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)

e)    Electrical Wire Harness

f)     Sheet metal

g)    Piping & Tubing

Whilst this capability is focused on the Aero domain, there is significant potential to engage with Start-ups for typical Engineering activities, as the processes are similar.

K-tech CoE A&D has Experienced Aerospace Industry Professionals with a dedicated Mission to “Skill Young India”